xii Preface mathematical results and notation that are needed. The linear algebra required for parts of Chapter 4 and again in Chapters 6 and 7 is covered in Appendix C. These can be covered as needed or used as a quick reference. Appendix D is a review of the first four chapters in outline form. It is intended to prepare students for the remainder of the book after a semester break, but it could also be used as an end of term review. Access to R Code and Data Sets All of the data sets and code fragments used in this book are available for use in R on your own computer. Data sets and other utilities that are not provided by R packages in CRAN are available in the fastR package. This package can be obtained from CRAN, from the companion web site for this book, or from the author’s web site. Among the utility functions in fastR is the function snippet(), which provides easy access to the code fragments that appear in this book. The names of the code fragments in this book appear in boxes at the right margin where code output is displayed. Once fastR has been installed and loaded, snippet(’snippet’) will both display and execute the code named “snippet”, and snippet(’snippet’, exec=FALSE) will display but not execute the code. fastR also includes a number of additional utility functions. Several of these begin with the letter x. Examples include xplot, xhistogram, xpnorm, etc. These functions add extra features to the standard functions they are based on. In most cases they are identical to their x-less counterparts unless new arguments are used. Companion Web Site Additional material related to this book is available online at http://www.ams.org/bookpages/amstext-13 Included there are an errata list, additional instructions, with links, for installing R and the R packages used in this book, additional examples and problems, additional student solutions, additional material including a complete list of solutions available only to instructors.
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