Preface xiii Acknowledgments Every author sets out to write the perfect book. I was no different. Fortunate authors find others who are willing to point out the ways they have fallen short of their goal and suggest improvements. I have been fortunate. Most importantly, I want to thank the students who have taken advanced undergraduate statistics courses with me over the past several years. Your questions and comments have shaped the exposition of this book in innumerable ways. Your enthusiasm for detecting my errors and your suggestions for improvements have saved me countless embarrassments. I hope that your moments of confusion have added to the clarity of the exposition. If you look, some of you will be able to see your influence in very specific ways here and there (happy hunting). But so that you all get the credit you deserve, I want to list you all (in random order, of course): Erin Campbell, John Luidens, Kyle DenHartigh, Jessica Haveman, Nancy Campos, Matthew DeVries, Karl Stough, Heidi Benson, Kendrick Wiersma, Dale Yi, Jennifer Colosky, Tony Ditta, James Hays, Joshua Kroon, Timothy Ferdinands, Hanna Benson, Landon Kavlie, Aaron Dull, Daniel Kmetz, Caleb King, Reuben Swinkels, Michelle Medema, Sean Kidd, Leah Hoogstra, Ted Worst, David Lyzenga, Eric Barton, Paul Rupke, Alexandra Cok, Tanya Byker Phair, Nathan Wybenga, Matthew Milan, Ashley Luse, Josh Vesthouse, Jonathan Jerdan, Jamie Vande Ree, Philip Boonstra, Joe Salowitz, Elijah Jentzen, Charlie Reitsma, Andrew Warren, Lucas Van Drunen, Che-Yuan Tang, David Kaemingk, Amy Ball, Ed Smilde, Drew Griffioen, Tim Harris, Charles Blum, Robert Flikkema, Dirk Olson, Dustin Veldkamp, Josh Keilman, Eric Sloter- beek, Bradley Greco, Matt Disselkoen, Kevin VanHarn, Justin Boldt, Anthony Boorsma, Nathan Dykhuis, Brandon Van Dyk, Steve Pastoor, Micheal Petlicke, Michael Molling, Justin Slocum, Jeremy Schut, Noel Hayden, Christian Swenson, Aaron Keen, Samuel Zigterman, Kobby Appiah-Berko, Jackson Tong, William Van- den Bos, Alissa Jones, Geoffry VanLeeuwen, Tim Slager, Daniel Stahl, Kristen Vriesema, Rebecca Sheler, and Andrew Meneely. I also want to thank various colleagues who read or class-tested some or all of this book while it was in progress. They are Ming-Wen An Vassar College Alan Arnholdt Appalacian State University Stacey Hancock Clark University Jo Hardin Pomona College Nicholas Horton Smith College Laura Kapitula Calvin College Daniel Kaplan Macalester College John Kern Duquesne University Kimberly Muller Lake Superior State University Ken Russell University of Wollongong, Australia Greg Snow Intermountain Healthcare Nathan Tintle Hope College
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