xiv Preface Interesting data make for interesting statistics, so I want to thank colleagues and students who helped me locate data for use in the examples and exercises in this book, especially those of you who made original data available. In the latter cases, specific attributions are in the documentation for the data sets in the fastR package. Thanks also go to those at the American Mathematical Society who were in- volved in the production of this book: Edward Dunne, the acquisitions editor with whom I developed the book from concept to manuscript Arlene O’Sean, produc- tion editor Cristin Zannella, editorial assistant and Barbara Beeton, who provided TEXnical support. Without their assistance and support the final product would not have been as satisfying. Alas, despite the efforts of so many, this book is still not perfect. No books are perfect, but some books are useful. My hope is that this book is both useful and enjoyable. A list of those (I hope few) errors that have escaped detection until after the printing of this book will be maintained at http://www.ams.org/bookpages/amstext-13 My thanks in advance to those who bring these to my attention.
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