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  • An Introduction to the Theory of Higher-Dimensional Quasiconformal Mappings
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    Title (HTML): An Introduction to the Theory of Higher-Dimensional Quasiconformal Mappings
    Author(s) (Product display): Frederick W. Gehring; Gaven J. Martin; Bruce P. Palka
    Affiliation(s) (HTML): Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand; National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA

    This book offers a modern, up-to-date introduction to quasiconformal mappings from an explicitly geometric perspective, emphasizing both the extensive developments in mapping theory during the past few decades and the remarkable applications of geometric function theory to other fields, including dynamical systems, Kleinian groups, geometric topology, differential geometry, and geometric group theory. It is a careful and detailed introduction to the higher-dimensional theory of quasiconformal mappings from the geometric viewpoint, based primarily on the technique of the conformal modulus of a curve family. Notably, the final chapter describes the application of quasiconformal mapping theory to Mostow's celebrated rigidity theorem in its original context with all the necessary background.

    This book will be suitable as a textbook for graduate students and researchers interested in beginning to work on mapping theory problems or learning the basics of the geometric approach to quasiconformal mappings. Only a basic background in multidimensional real analysis is assumed.

    Book Series Name: Mathematical Surveys and Monographs
    Volume: 216
    Publication Month and Year: 2017-05-03
    Copyright Year: 2017
    Page Count: 430
    Cover Type: Hardcover
    Print ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-4360-4
    Online ISBN 13: 978-1-4704-4046-6
    Print ISSN: 0076-5376
    Online ISSN: 0076-5376
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    Graduate students and researchers interested in mapping theory.


    GMP are to be commended for writing their monograph with a remarkable attention to detail...Readers keen to engage with the material could easily attempt to prove any of the results as exercises. I am confident that this book will very soon become a standard basic reference.

    -- Tushar Das, MAA Reviews

    The content of this book is precisely articulated while an inviting and, at times, conversational tone is maintained. This combination makes for a pleasant reading experience. The presentation of content is clearly organized and follows a natural progression of ideas.

    -- David Matthew Freeman, Mathematical Reviews

    [T]he book takes a wider approach to the modern theory of quasiconformal mappings and its applications than what is usual in more specialized books.

    -- Olli Martio, Zentralblatt MATH

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