The small village of Besse-en-
Chandesse, where the first Bour-
baki conference was held.
more hypotheses than necessary are used."
Forming a detailed outline of the book turned out to be a lon
process, certainly much longer and arduous than the members
Bourbaki initially anticipated. The planning took several years an
was very productive. Gradually, the group's extensive reflection an
lively discussions led to a new vision of mathematics, a modern w
of teaching it and even of doing it. The volumes of the book pr
sented this new vision and had a great influence on the mathematic
community, both in France and throughout the world.
The first complete outline was established during the foundin
plenary conference, which took place from July 10 through July 1
1935, in Besse-en-Chandesse, a small village about twenty-five mil
from Clermont-Ferrand. The main subjects to be included in th
book (such as functions of real and complex variables, integrals, di
ferential equations and partial differential equations, and speci
functions) were approximately the same as in earlier textbooks o
analysis. In addition, the group planned to add a small number
more abstract and innovative chapters providing basic concepts
abstract algebra, set theory, and topology, which the group deeme
necessary for the coherent presentation of the main material. Th
entire work was expected to cover 3200 pages, which is three tim
more than the Committee had anticipated during its first meetin
held just a few months earlier!
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