Andre Weil, Armand Bor
and Jean-Pierre Serre on t
terrace of the hotel
Pelvoux-le-Poet (in the Alps
July 195
Conferences in the Country
Bourbaki holds three conferences each year to keep track of progress
and make decisions about the future. These meetings usually take
place in the countryside, in calm and agreeable places. In recent
years, each conference lasted one week; in the past, when summer
vacations were longer, each conference lasted two weeks. These con-
ferences, gathering a dozen mathematicians working seven or eight
hours a day, seemed to proceed amidst a cheerful hubbub. There
were always many people talking loudly at the same time. Jokes rang
out as frequently as insults, which were delivered more or less pur-
posefully but always quickly forgotten. The group enjoyed an ani-
mated atmosphere of comradeship away from work as well, and
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