which at the time was far from producing royalties. This is what
Bourbaki wrote:
"Dear Mr. Perrin:
"Perhaps you have already heard that the mathematicians named
above are devoting a large amount of their time to writing a Treatise
on Mathematical Analysis, which—we hope—will be the basis of anal-
ysis education for the next decade.
"We have adopted a new method of collaboration. We have not
restricted ourselves by distributing the task of writing distinct pieces
of the whole work; instead, each chapter is assigned to one of us only
after we have discussed and prepared it at great length, and the
resulting draft is again discussed in detail after every member has
studied it. Each chapter is revised at least once, and often several
times. Through this method, we hope to obtain a truly collective
work, one with a profoundly unified character.
"It is clear that the method we have chosen is not a lazy one, and
that it requires numerous meetings and frequent travel.
Furthermore, much of our time is spent on reproducing and dis-
tributing various drafts and manuscripts. For the past two years, we
ourselves have taken responsibility for financing these activities.
Now that the State officially sponsors scientific research, we thought
that it might be able to help us. It is this financial help, Mr. Perrin,
Andre Weil and Armand Borel
1955. Andre Weil was formidab
caustic. To a mathematician w
asked him, "Can I ask you
stupid question?" Andre W
replied, "You just did.
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