At the July 1951 conference: Jean-Pierre
Serre and Jean Dieudonne (standing);
Jacques Dixmier, Laurent Schwartz, and
Jean Delsarte (seated).
whic h deal t wit h the expansio n of function s int o
powe r series—h e wa s a virtuos o whe n it cam e to
calculation—a s wel l as numbe r theor y an d som e
problem s in mathematica l physics . In lat e 1942 ,
Delsart e forme d a grou p to discus s the refor m
of scientifi c researc h in France . Afte r the war , he
als o participate d in th e Langevin-Wallo n
committe e for teachin g reform , fro m whic h he
returne d rathe r disguste d becaus e he didn' t
thin k it addresse d an y rea l issues . Startin g in
1947 , Delsart e accepte d variou s invitation s to
spen d tim e a t universitie s abroad ; amon g
others , he visite d the Institut e fo r Advance d
Stud y in Princeton , the Universit y of Sa o Paulo ,
Mexico , an d Bombay . Meanwhile , he als o mad e
Nanc y into a renowne d cente r o f mathematics ,
with brillian t mind s like Dieudonne , Lauren t
Schwartz , an d Roge r Godement . However , this
succes s wa s onl y temporary , as the attractio n o f
Pari s eventuall y dre w student s an d scientist s to
the capital . He lef t in 196 2 to direc t the France -
Japa n Hous e in Toky o an d returne d to Nanc y in
1965 . Hi s fragil e healt h (he suffere d fro m
ophthalmologica l problem s an d sever e
diabetes ) soo n starte d to tak e its toll . The n
cam e the Frenc h studen t uprising s o f Ma y 1 968 ,
"whic h he didn' t withstand, " Wei l writes .
Delsart e wa s a notable , he wa s "dea n Delsarte "
an d wa s use d to deference . "Delsart e couldn' t
understan d tha t the chao s wa s necessar y to
creat e (perhaps ) a ne w societ y an d consequentl y
a ne w universit y system. " Di d this weake n him
eve n more ? Jea n Delsart e die d o f a hear t attac k
on Novembe r 28 , 1968 .
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