It is a pleasure to thank the many people who have enabled this project to
take place. When I first had the idea of writing case studies for mathematics
graduate students and instructors, I discussed it with Deborah Hughes Hallett
and Katherine Merseth. Their thoughtful and enthusiastic responses were key to
making the idea a reality. Deb and Kay also contributed their expertise in helping
me formulate a realistic plan of action. At the grant-writing stage, Avner Ash,
Margaret Kenney, Jim Leitzel, Glenn Stevens, Lee Zia, and Dorothy Wallace, as
well as Deb and Kay, stepped in with valuable comments which improved the
development plan and the grant proposal considerably. Thank you all. Jim Leitzel’s
untimely death saddened all of us greatly; his memory inspires us still. A host of
Boston College administrators gave me the green light early on to pursue this
idea, and they ultimately committed extensive resources to support the project:
Michael Smyer, Vice President for Research, Fr. Robert Barth S.J., former Dean of
the College of Arts and Sciences, Joseph Quinn, present Dean, and Richard Jenson,
Chair of the Mathematics Department. In addition, John Neuhauser, both as Dean
of the School of Management and later as Academic Vice-President and Dean of
the Faculty at Boston College, shared his extensive experience with the use of case
studies, and made a difference. No faculty member could ask for better support
from his institution. My proposal to carry out this project was funded by the Fund
for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), a unit within the Office
of Postsecondary Education, U.S. Department of Education, under FIPSE grant
number P116B980015, and I hereby acknowledge with appreciation this support.
In carrying out the project, The Boston College Mathematics Case Studies
Project (BCCase), development team members Avner Ash, Elizabeth Brown, Deb-
orah Hughes Hallett, Reva Kasman, Margaret Kenney, Lisa Mantini, William Mc-
Callum, Jeremy Teitelbaum, and Lee Zia contributed their ideas, energy, experi-
ences, and wisdom, and made the project what it is. A enormous, sincere, and
much-deserved thanks. Elin Norberg and David Foster ably served as the project
administrators, and Mary Sullivan contributed her expertise as the project evalua-
tor. Their contributions are much-appreciated.
I and the rest of the BCCase team would like to thank the many people who
have aided us in the development of the case studies. Once the project got under
way, we depended upon the feedback and insightful comments of mathematics grad-
uate students from around the country who used and evaluated the case studies as
we wrote and revised them. We would like to sincerely thank them all. We would
like to especially mention the group of graduate students whose initial use often
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