xii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS led to the early demise or major revision of a case. The group included: Elizabeth Brown, Ben Brubaker, Mark Evans, Craig Friedland, Lynette Kelley, Sarah Lehan, Brian Munson, Allison Pacelli, Carolyn Pointek, Steven Rattendi, and Jay Dou- glas Wright. Other contributors include: Dawn Berk, Susan Billimek, Jonathan Cox, Teodora Cox, Jailing Dai, Jeff Edmunds, Todd Grundmeier, Tom Harris, Michael Hayes, Jessica Hemenway, Jack Hoppin, David Hrencecin, Sarah James, Katrina Jimenez, Qayum Khan, Michael Kuecken, Amy Lehan, Andre Lehovich, Arthur Lo, Guada Lozano, Joyce Macab´ ea, David Marsden, Kaarin McCarthy, Laura McSweeney, Stephanie Molnar, Carlos Morales, Kinya Ono, Andy Parker, Virgil Pierce, T.J. Preacher, Chris Rasmussen, Randi Scott, Charlotte Schulze- Hewett, Jeff Selden, Randy Sesto, Jeanine Smallwood, Jennifer Smith, Nichole Soter, Carrie Spooner, Simei Tong, Nadia Whisenand, Haishen Yao, and Shaowei Zhang. Also thanks to the many graduate students from around the country who filled out copious feedback forms after using a case and offered their frank com- ments and intelligent suggestions. Parallel to the contributions of the mathematics graduate student community has been the contribution from mathematics faculty. We would like to thank the small army of faculty from around the country who have tested and evaluated the case studies or provided other feedback to us: Doug Aichele of Oklahoma State University, Judith Arms of the University of Wash- ington, Margaret Balachowski of Michigan Technology University, Ken Boggart of Dartmouth College, Tina Garn of the University of Arizona, Thomas Goodwillie of Brown University, Daniel L. Goroff of Harvard University, Marcia Groszek of Dart- mouth College, Tim Gutman of the University of New Hampshire, Gary Harris of Texas Tech University, Diane Herrmann of the University of Chicago, Theodore Laetsch of the University of Arizona, Katherine Merseth of Harvard University, Teri Jo Murphy of the University of Oklahoma, Regina Panasuk of the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Kent Pearce of Texas Tech University, Emma Previato of Boston University, James Propp of the University of Wisconsin, Karen Rhea of the University of Michigan, David Rohrlich of Boston University, Ned Rosen of Boston College, Eileen T. Shugart of Virginia Tech., Brenda Slez of the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Glenn Stevens of Boston University, Maria Terrell of Cor- nell University, Stuart Thomas of the University of Oregon, Dorothy Wallace of Dartmouth College, Steve Wheaton of the University of Arizona, and Dale Winter of Harvard University. We would also like to thank Marilyn Adams, the Boston College mathemat- ics department secretary, Susan Hoban and the rest of the staff of the BC Office of Research Administration, Jay Donahue, our program officer at FIPSE, Naomi Fisher and Bonnie Saunders of the MER Forum, Elizabeth Armstrong and Tom McGarry of the Harvard Medical School, Tom Seidenberg and Gwen Sneedon of the Phillips Exeter Academy, and Edward Dunne and Barbara Beeton of the American Mathematical Society. Finally, I would like to thank my wife Karen Ann Siller and my children Ilana, Rina, and Liora, who saw me come home late or work on the computer so many evenings due to this project, who put up with my trips to conferences and case study presentations as I worked to introduce these materials to the mathematics
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