Contents Preface vi i Fernando Hitt, Guershon Havel, and Annie Selden An Imag e o f Calculu s Reform : Students ' Experience s of Harvar d Calculu s Jon R. Star and John P. Smith III Effects o f Concept-Base d Instructio n o n Calculu s Students ' Acquisition o f Conceptua l Understandin g and Procedura l Skil l 2 7 Kelly K. Chappell Constructing a Concep t Imag e o f Convergenc e o f Sequence s in th e va n Hiel e Framewor k 6 1 Maria Angeles Navarro and Pedro Perez Carreras Developing an d Assessin g Specifi c Competencie s in a Firs t Cours e o n Rea l Analysi s 9 9 Niels Gr0nb(Ek and Carl Winsl0w Introductory Comple x Analysi s a t Tw o Britis h Columbi a Universities: Th e Firs t Wee k - Comple x Number s 13 9 Peter Danenhower Using Geometr y t o Teac h an d Lear n Linea r Algebr a 17 1 Ghislaine Gueudet-Chartier
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