E D I T O R I A L C O M M I T T E E Solomon Priedber g Glenda Lappa n W. Jame s Lewi s 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primar y 00A35 , 97-06 Secondary 97B40 , 97D40 , 97D50 , 97U70 . The tex t fro m questio n 2 in the Appendi x an d th e figure i n question 3 in the Appendix , both o n p . 14 , ar e reprinte d wit h permissio n fro m Joh n Wile y & Sons , Inc . Library o f Congres s Cataloging-in-Publicatio n Dat a KAIST Internationa l Symposiu m o n Enhancin g Universit y Mathematic s Teachin g (1s t : 200 5 : Daejeon, Korea ) Enhancing universit y mathematic s : proceeding s o f the Firs t KAIS T Internationa l Symposiu m on Teachin g / K i Hyoun g Ko , Dean e Arganbright , editors . p. cm . (Issue s i n mathematic s education , ISS N 1047-398 X v. 14 ) Includes bibliographica l reference s an d index . ISBN 978-0-8218-4194- 5 (alk . paper ) 1. Mathematics—Stud y an d teachin g (Higher)—Congresses . 2 . Electroni c spreadsheet s i n education—Congresses. 3 . Mathematics—Dat a processing—Congresses . 4 . Microsof t Exce l (Computer file)—Congresses . I . Ko, Ki Hyoung. II . Arganbright, Deane . III . Conference Boar d of th e Mathematica l Sciences . IV . Title . QA19.C45K35 200 5 510.71'1—dc22 200706078 7 Copying an d reprinting . Materia l i n thi s boo k ma y b e reproduce d b y an y mean s fo r edu - cational an d scientifi c purpose s withou t fe e o r permissio n wit h th e exceptio n o f reproductio n b y services tha t collec t fee s fo r deliver y o f document s an d provide d tha t th e customar y acknowledg - ment o f th e sourc e i s given . Thi s consen t doe s no t exten d t o othe r kind s o f copyin g fo r genera l distribution, fo r advertisin g o r promotiona l purposes , o r fo r resale . Request s fo r permissio n fo r commercial us e of material shoul d b e addresse d t o th e Acquisition s Department , America n Math - ematical Society , 20 1 Charle s Street , Providence , Rhod e Islan d 02904-2294 , USA . Request s ca n also b e mad e b y e-mai l t o reprint-permission@ams.org . Excluded fro m thes e provision s i s material i n article s fo r whic h th e autho r hold s copyright . I n such cases , request s fo r permissio n t o us e o r reprin t shoul d b e addresse d directl y t o th e author(s) . (Copyright ownershi p i s indicate d i n th e notic e i n th e lowe r right-han d corne r o f th e firs t pag e o f each article. ) © 200 7 b y th e America n Mathematica l Society . Al l right s reserved . The America n Mathematica l Societ y retain s al l right s except thos e grante d t o th e Unite d State s Government . Copyright o f individua l article s ma y rever t t o th e publi c domai n 2 8 year s after publication . Contac t th e AM S fo r copyrigh t statu s o f individua l articles . Printed i n th e Unite d State s o f America . @ Th e pape r use d i n thi s boo k i s acid-fre e an d fall s withi n th e guideline s established t o ensur e permanenc e an d durability . Visit th e AM S hom e pag e a t http://www.ams.org / 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 0 0 9 0 8 0 7
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