Preface The Firs t KAIS T Internationa l Symposiu m o n Enhancin g Universit y Mathe - matics Teaching was held in the Creative Learning Building on the Daejeon campu s of the Kore a Advance d Institut e o f Scienc e an d Technolog y fro m Ma y 1 2 throug h May 16 , 2005 . Ther e wer e 8 0 registere d participants , includin g 2 0 internationa l guests. Th e academi c progra m consiste d o f eighteen invite d presentation s o f 30-4 0 minutes, fou r 20-minut e contribute d papers , an d thre e 90-minut e workshops . Th e symposium speakers came from the countries of Korea, United States , Austria, Ger - many, Bulgaria , Turkey , Australia , Russia , an d Japan . Thes e proceeding s contai n 23 papers, representing all but two of the presentations. Vide o recordings of the pre- sentations will help KAIST graduate students i n developing their teachin g abilities . In additio n t o the talks , Professor Eric h Neuwirth o f the Universit y o f Vienna gav e an evenin g musica l presentation , Tunin g Musica l Instrument s wit h Mathematica l Principles, as the 3r d KAIST Ope n Lecture on Sharin g Mathematical Experiences . Other socia l activitie s include d dinners , a receptio n o n Friday , an d a da y a t th e Korean Fol k Villag e i n Suwo n fo r th e principa l internationa l speakers . Severa l speakers als o gave presentations i n other Korea n universitie s afte r th e symposium . We hop e tha t th e symposiu m wil l hel p i n th e developmen t o f ne w collaborativ e efforts amon g Korea n an d internationa l universitie s i n teaching mathematics . University mathematician s hav e two primary professiona l foci . On e i s the cre - ation o f ne w mathematic s throug h researc h an d th e disseminatio n o f their discov - eries throug h publication s i n researc h journals. A second , an d equall y important , focus lie s in teachin g a wide rang e o f students i n the classrooms . Thi s symposiu m was directe d towar d th e secon d focus , presentin g a broa d rang e o f way s i n whic h both ne w an d experience d facult y ca n enhanc e an d diversif y thei r approache s t o teaching. Th e symposiu m focuse d primaril y o n undergraduat e teaching . Whil e there wer e stron g component s o n servic e teachin g an d th e us e o f technolog y i n teaching, th e presentation s covere d a broa d rang e o f ideas . W e wer e fortunat e t o have many speakers who not onl y excel in mathematical research , but als o have de- voted year s t o developin g effectiv e way s to enhanc e th e teachin g an d presentatio n of mathematics . Mos t o f th e speaker s hav e wo n nationa l recognitio n fo r teachin g in thei r hom e nations . Thi s symposiu m wa s designe d t o b e o f valu e no t onl y fo r current universit y mathematic s educators , bu t als o fo r th e graduat e student s wh o will be tomorrow's university teachers. W e were happy to have a significant numbe r of graduate student s participating . As on e o f Korea' s internationall y recognize d mathematic s departments , th e Department o f Mathematics a t KAIS T strive s to provid e excellence i n its teachin g to complement it s highly regarded research program. Thi s symposium was a part of its effort t o fulfill thi s commitment to teaching. Thank s to the devotion of its facult y vii
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