This volume was compiled by the Mathematicians an d Education Refor m Networ k (MERNet -
work). It s activities are supported by National Science Foundation Gran t TPE-8850359.
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Mathematicians an d education reform 1989-1990/Naom i D . Fisher, Harvey B. Keynes, Philip
D. Wagreich, editors.
p. cm.—(Issue s in mathematics education, ISSN 1047-398X; v. 2 )
At head of title: CBMS , Conference Boar d of the Mathematical Sciences.
Includes bibliographical references .
ISBN 0-8218-3502-5
1. Mathematics—Stud y an d teaching—Congresses. I . Fisher, Naomi D. I L Keynes,
Harvey. III . Wagreich, P. (Philip), 1941- . IV . Conference Boar d of the Mathematica l
Sciences. V . Series.
QA11.A1M2775 1991 91-18
5107.71—dc20 CI P
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