Foreword vi i
Improving Mathematics Education through School-Based Change 3
Judith Mumme and Julian Weissglass
Diagnostic Testing: One Link between University and High School
Mathematics 2 5
Alfred Manaster
Creativity: Nature or Nurture? A View in Retrospect 3 9
Arnold E. Ross
Equity and Excellence in the University of Minnesota Talented Youth
Mathematics Program (UMTYMP) 8 5
Harvey B. Keynes
A Report on an Entry Level Math Program 9 7
Elias Toubassi
Issues and Reactions
Pros and Cons of Teaching Mathematics Via a Problem-Solving
Approach 15
Bert Fristedt
Obstacles to Change: The Implications of the National Council of
Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Standards for Undergraduate
Mathematics 19
T. Christine Stevens
The Role of Teachers in Mathematics Education Reform 127
Joseph G. Rosenstein
Teaching to Love Wisdom 137
Christopher Cotter and Igor Szczyrba
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