Preface vii
Jim Kaput, Alan Schoenfeld, and Ed Dubinsky
A Framewor k fo r Researc h an d Curriculu m
Development i n Undergraduat e Mathematic s Educatio n 1
Mark Asiala, Anne Brown, David J. DeVries,
Ed Dubinsky, David Mathews, and Karen Thomas
The Creatio n o f Continuou s Exponents :
A Stud y o f th e Method s an d Epistemolog y o f Joh n Walli s 3 3
David Dennis and Jere Confrey
Dihedral Groups : A Tal e o f Tw o Interpretation s 6 1
Rina Zazkis and Ed Dubinsky
To Majo r o r No t Majo r i n Mathematics ?
Affective Factor s i n th e Choice-of-Majo r Decisio n 8 3
Annette Ricks Leitze
Success i n Mathematics : Increasin g Talen t
and Gende r Diversit y Amon g Colleg e Major s 101
Marcia C. Linn and Cathy Kessel
Analysis o f Effectivenes s o f Supplementa l Instructio n (SI )
Sessions fo r Colleg e Algebra , Calculus , an d Statistic s 145
Sandra L. Burmeister, Patricia Ann Kenney, and Doris L. Nice
A Comparativ e Stud y o f a Computer-Base d
and a Standar d Colleg e First-Yea r Calculu s Cours e 155
Kyungmee Park and Kenneth J. Travers
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