Preface vii
Alan Schoenfeld, Jim Kaput, and Ed Dubinsky
Teaching Mathematical Problem Solving
An Analysis of an Emergent Classroom Community 1
Abraham Arcavi, Cathy Kessel, Luciano Meira, and John P. Smith III
An Overview of the Problem Solving Course 5
Abraham Arcavi
Presenting and Doing Mathematics:
An Introduction to Heuristics 16
Luciano Meira
Making the Case for Heuristics:
Authority and Direction in the Inscribed Square 26
John P. Smith III
Practicing Mathematical Communication:
Using Heuristics with the Magic Square 42
Cathy Kessel
On the Implementation of Mathematical Problem Solving
Instruction: Qualities of Some Learning Activities 71
Manuel Santos-Trigo
Reflections on a Course in Mathematical Problem Solving 81
Alan H. Schoenfeld
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