Contents Preface vii Ed Dubinsky, Alan Schoenfeld, Jim Kaput, Cathy Kessel Teaching and Learning Calculus: What Can Be Learned from Education Research and Curricular Changes in France? 1 Michele Artigue Evaluating Calculus Reform: Á Review and a Longitudinal Study 16 Betsy Darken, Robert Wynegar, and Stephen Kuhn The Need for Evaluation in the Calculus Reform Movement: Á Comparison of Two Calculus Teaching Methods 42 Susan L. Ganter and Michael R. Jiroutek Á Longitudinal Study of the C4L Calculus Reform Program: Comparisons of C4L and Traditional Students 63 Keith E. Schwingendorf, George P. McCabe, and Jonathan Kuhn Understanding Sequences: Á Tale of Two Objects 77 Michael A. McDonald, David M. Mathews, and Kevin H. Strobel Á Theoretical Framework for Analyzing Student Understanding of the Concept of Derivative 103 Michelle J. Zandieh
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