These note s aros e fro m a series o f lectures I gave a t th e NSF/CBM S Regiona l
Conference i n th e Mathematica l Science s a t th e Georgi a Institut e o f Technolog y
May 23-2 8 2004 . Th e othe r speaker s a t tha t conferenc e wer e A . Iosevich , I . Laba ,
X. Li, A. Magyar, C . Muscalu, K . Oskolkov , A . Seeger, al l of whom I would lik e t o
thank, a s well as al l attendees o f this conference .
My special thanks g o to Michae l Lace y an d Ger d Mockenhaup t wh o organize d
the conference, fo r thei r war m hospitalit y an d th e smoot h functionin g o f th e con -
Finally, I would like to thank Victor Lie, Paco Villarroya, and Tamara Kucherenk o
for readin g earl y version s o f th e manuscrip t an d makin g man y suggestion s whic h
turned int o improvement s o f the text .
Christoph Thiel e
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