main underlyin g idea s - bu t i n ever y suc h plac e w e giv e reference s t o th e
book [K9 ] or to one of the secondary sections of this book. Afte r readin g th e
first section s o f al l chapters , th e reade r wil l b e prepare d fo r othe r section s
of this boo k an d fo r relate d paper s no t include d i n the text .
Finally, we would like to thank the Organizers of the Conference at Kansa s
State - David Auckly and Dmitri Ryabogin - for the wonderful Job of putting
together a meeting that include d experienced researchers, young researchers,
graduate students , an d undergraduat e students . Th e additiona l session s
that the y organize d fo r th e student s wer e ver y helpful . Th e first-named
author acknowledge s th e suppor t o f th e U.S . Nationa l Scienc e Foundatio n
through th e grant s DMS-045569 6 an d DMS-0652571. Th e second-name d
author acknowledge s the support o f the European Network PHD, FP6 Mari e
Curie Actions, RTN, Contract MCRN-511953, and the U.S. National Science
Foundation, gran t DMS-0455696 .
Alexander Koldobsk y an d Vladysla v Yaski n
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