xvi INTRODUCTION recommend Fulton’s lecture notes [27]. We shall also, in Chapter 3, make use of sheaves in the ´ etale topology, which can be reviewed in [83], Chapter II. However, this use is not vital to most of the discussion here. I would like to thank many people. Foremost, I would like to thank Ricardo Casta˜ no-Bernard, Yan Soibelman, and Ilia Zharkov for organizing the NSF-CBMS conference at Kansas State University. Second, I would like to thank Bernd Siebert the approach in this book grew out of our joint collaboration. I also thank the many people who answered questions and commented on the manuscript, including Sean Keel, M. Brandon Meredith, Rahul Pandharipande, D. Peter Overholser, Daniel Schultheis, and Katharine Shultis. Parts of this book were written during a visit to Oxford I thank Philip Candelas for his hospitality during this visit. The final parts of the book were written during the fall of 2009 at MSRI I thank MSRI for its financial support via a Simons Professorship. I would like to thank Lori Lejeune for providing the files for Figures 17, 18 and 19 of Chapter 1 and Figures 7 and 8 of Chapter 6. Finally, and definitely not least, I thank Arthur Greenspoon, who generously offered to proofread this volume. Convention. Throughout this book k denotes an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero. N denotes the set of natural numbers {0, 1, 2,...}.
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