Titles in This Series
115 Richard A. Brualdi, The mutually beneficial relationship of graphs and matrices, 2011
114 Mark Gross, Tropical geometry and mirror symmetry, 2011
113 Scott A. Wolpert, Families of Riemann surfaces and Weil-Petersson geometry, 2010
112 Zhenghan Wang, Topological quantum computation, 2010
111 Jonathan Rosenberg, Topology, C∗-algebras, and string duality, 2009
110 David Nualart, Malliavin calculus and its applications, 2009
109 Robert J. Zimmer and Dave Witte Morris, Ergodic theory, groups, and geometry,
108 Alexander Koldobsky and Vladyslav Yaskin, The interface between convex geometry
and harmonic analysis, 2008
107 Fan Chung and Linyuan Lu, Complex graphs and networks, 2006
106 Terence Tao, Nonlinear dispersive equations: Local and global analysis, 2006
105 Christoph Thiele, Wave packet analysis, 2006
104 Donald G. Saari, Collisions, rings, and other Newtonian N-body problems, 2005
103 Iain Raeburn, Graph algebras, 2005
102 Ken Ono, The web of modularity: Arithmetic of the coefficients of modular forms and q
series, 2004
101 Henri Darmon, Rational points on modular elliptic curves, 2004
100 Alexander Volberg, Calder´ on-Zygmund capacities and operators on nonhomogeneous
spaces, 2003
99 Alain Lascoux, Symmetric functions and combinatorial operators on polynomials, 2003
98 Alexander Varchenko, Special functions, KZ type equations, and representation theory,
97 Bernd Sturmfels, Solving systems of polynomial equations, 2002
96 Niky Kamran, Selected topics in the geometrical study of differential equations, 2002
95 Benjamin Weiss, Single orbit dynamics, 2000
94 David J. Saltman, Lectures on division algebras, 1999
93 Goro Shimura, Euler products and Eisenstein series, 1997
92 Fan R. K. Chung, Spectral graph theory, 1997
91 J. P. May et al., Equivariant homotopy and cohomology theory, dedicated to the
memory of Robert J. Piacenza, 1996
90 John Roe, Index theory, coarse geometry, and topology of manifolds, 1996
89 Clifford Henry Taubes, Metrics, connections and gluing theorems, 1996
88 Craig Huneke, Tight closure and its applications, 1996
87 John Erik Fornæss, Dynamics in several complex variables, 1996
86 Sorin Popa, Classification of subfactors and their endomorphisms, 1995
85 Michio Jimbo and Tetsuji Miwa, Algebraic analysis of solvable lattice models, 1994
84 Hugh L. Montgomery, Ten lectures on the interface between analytic number theory and
harmonic analysis, 1994
83 Carlos E. Kenig, Harmonic analysis techniques for second order elliptic boundary value
problems, 1994
82 Susan Montgomery, Hopf algebras and their actions on rings, 1993
81 Steven G. Krantz, Geometric analysis and function spaces, 1993
80 Vaughan F. R. Jones, Subfactors and knots, 1991
79 Michael Frazier, Bj¨ orn Jawerth, and Guido Weiss, Littlewood-Paley theory and the
study of function spaces, 1991
78 Edward Formanek, The polynomial identities and variants of n × n matrices, 1991
77 Michael Christ, Lectures on singular integral operators, 1990
76 Klaus Schmidt, Algebraic ideas in ergodic theory, 1990
75 F. Thomas Farrell and L. Edwin Jones, Classical aspherical manifolds, 1990
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