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Operator theory, analytic functions, matrices, and electrical engineering, 1987
67 Harald Upmeier, Jordan algebras in analysis, operator theory, and quantum mechanics,
66 G. Andrews, q-Series: Their development and application in analysis, number theory,
combinatorics, physics and computer algebra, 1986
65 Paul H. Rabinowitz, Minimax methods in critical point theory with applications to
differential equations, 1986
64 Donald S. Passman, Group rings, crossed products and Galois theory, 1986
63 Walter Rudin, New constructions of functions holomorphic in the unit ball of
62 ela Bollob´ as, Extremal graph theory with emphasis on probabilistic methods, 1986
61 Mogens Flensted-Jensen, Analysis on non-Riemannian symmetric spaces, 1986
60 Gilles Pisier, Factorization of linear operators and geometry of Banach spaces, 1986
59 Roger Howe and Allen Moy, Harish-Chandra homomorphisms for p-adic groups, 1985
58 H. Blaine Lawson, Jr., The theory of gauge fields in four dimensions, 1985
57 Jerry L. Kazdan, Prescribing the curvature of a Riemannian manifold, 1985
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invariant subspaces and dilation theory, 1985
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54 William Fulton, Introduction to intersection theory in algebraic geometry, 1984
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52 Tsit-Yuen Lam, Orderings, valuations and quadratic forms, 1983
51 Masamichi Takesaki, Structure of factors and automorphism groups, 1983
50 James Eells and Luc Lemaire, Selected topics in harmonic maps, 1983
49 John M. Franks, Homology and dynamical systems, 1982
48 W. Stephen Wilson, Brown-Peterson homology: an introduction and sampler, 1982
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46 Edward G. Effros, Dimensions and
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39 George Lusztig, Representations of finite Chevalley groups, 1978
38 Charles Conley, Isolated invariant sets and the Morse index, 1978
37 Masayoshi Nagata, Polynomial rings and affine spaces, 1978
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