Other Monograph s i n thi s Series No. 1 . Irvin g Kapiansky: Algebraic and analytic aspects of operator algebras 2. Gilber t Baumslag : Lecture notes on nilpotent groups 3. Lawrenc e Markus : Lectures in differentiate dynamics 4. H.S. M Coxeter : Twisted honeycombs 5. Georg e W. Whitehead: Recent advances in homotopy theory 6. Walte r Rudin : Lectures on the edge-of-the-wedge theorem 7. Yoz o Matsushima: Holomorphic vector fields on compact Kahler manifolds 8. Pete r Hilton : Lectures in homological algebra 9. I.N . Herstein : Notes from a ring theory conference 10. Brank o Grunbaum: Arrangements and spreads 11. Irvin g Glicksberg: Recent results on function algebras 12. Barbar a L . Osofsky: Homological dimensions of modules 13. Michae l Rabin : Automata on infinite objects and Church's problem 14. Sigurdu r Helgason : Analysis on Lie groups and homogeneous spaces 15. R . G. Douglas: Banach algebra techniques in the theory of Toeplitz operators 16. Josep h L . Taylor: Measure algebras
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