Introduction 1
Chapter I. Reductio n o f Operators of Firs t Order to Canonical Form s 3
1. Firs t orde r equation s 3
2. Homogeneou s equation s 7
3. Homogeneou s equation s i n highe i dimension s 10
4. Integrabiiit y o f almos t comple x structur e 14
Chapter II . Pseudo-Differential Operator s and Some Applications 19
5. Pseudo-differentia l operator s 19
6. Calderon' s theore m o n uniquenes s i n the Cauchy problem and an exten-
sion 2 7
7. Uniquenes s i n th e Cauch y proble m (continued ) 3 4
8. Wav e front set s and propagatio n o f singularitie s 4 1
9. Reflectio n o f bicharacteristic s an d singularitie s a t a boundary 4 6
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