Expository Lecture s
from th e CBM S Regional Conferenc e
held a t Arizon a Stat e Universit y
March 26-30 , 1973
AMS (MOS) 1970 subject classifications : 15-02, 15A33, 15A36,
20-02, 20B25, 20D45 , 20F55, 20H05, 20H20, 20H25; 10C30,
13-02, 15A36, 20F35, 20G15, 50D25, 50D30
Library o f Congres s Catalogin g i n Publicatio n Dat a
O'Meara, O . Timothy, 1928-
Lectures on linear groups.
(Regional conferenc e serie s in mathematics, no. 22)
"Expository lecture s from th e CBM S Regional Con-
ference hel d a t Arizon a Stat e University , March 26-30 ,
1. Matri x groups . 2 . Matrices . 3 . Automorph -
isms. 4 . Transformation s (Mathematics ) I . Con -
ference Boar d o f the Mathematical Sciences .
II. Title . III . Series .
QA1.R33 no . 22 [QA171 ] 510'.8s [512'.2] 74-877 3
ISBN 0-8218-1672-1
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