Expository Lecture s
from th e CBM S Regiona l Conferenc e
held a t Washingto n University , St , Loui s
January 6-10 , 1975
AMS (MOS) 1970 subjec t classifications .
Primary 57D30 .
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Lawson, H. Blaine.
The quantitative theory of foliations.
(Regional conference series in mathematics; no. 27)
"Expository lectures from theCBMS regional conference held at Washington
University, St. Louis, January 6-10,1975."
Bibliography: p.
I. Foliation s (Mathematics) I. Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences.
II. Title . III . Series.
QA1.R33 no . 27 [QA613.62] 510'.8s [514'.7]
ISBN 0-8218-1677-2 76-51339
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