Other Monographs in this Series
No. 1. Irvin g Kaplansky: Algebraic and analytic aspects of Operator algebras
2. Gilber t Baumslag : Lecture notes on nilpotent groups
3. Lawrenc e Markus: Lectures in differentiäble dynamics
4. H . S. M. Coxeter: Twisted honeycombs
5. Georg e W. Whitehead: Recent advances in homotopy theory
6. Walte r Rudin : Lectures on the edge-ofthe-wedge theorem
7. Yoz o Matsushima: Holomorphic vector fields on compact Kahler manifolds
8. Pete r Hilton : Lectures in homological algebra
9. I . N. Herstein: Notes from a ring theory Conference
10. Brank o Griinbaum : Arrangements and spreads
11. Irvin g Glicksberg: Recent results on function algebras
12. Barbar a L . Osofsky: Homological dimensions ofmodules
13. Michae l Rabin : Automata on infinite objects and CnurcWs problem
14. Sigurdu r Helgason : Anälysis on Lie groups and homogeneous Spaces
15. R . G. Douglas: Banach algebra techniques in the theory of Toeplitz Operators
16. Josep h L . Taylor: Measure algebras
17. Loui s Nirenberg: Lectures on linear partial differential equations
18. Avne r Friedman : Differential games
19. Bdl a Sz.-Nagy: Unitary dilations of Hubert space Operators and related topics
20. Hyma n Bass : Introduction to some methods of algebraic K-theory
21. Wilhel m St oll: Holomorphic functions offinite order in several complex variables
22. O . T. O'Meara: Lectures on linear groups
23. Mar y Ellen Rudin : Lectures on set theoretic topology
24. Melvi n Höchster: Topics in the homological theory ofmodules over commutative rings
25. Kar l W. Gruenberg: Relation modules offinite groups
26. Irvin g Reiner: Class groups and Picard groups ofgroup rings and Orders
27. H . Blaine Lawson , Jr.: The quantitative theory offoliations
28. T . A. Chapman: Lectures on Hubert cube manifolds
29. Ala n Weinstein: Lectures on symplectic manifolds
30. Aleksande r Pelczynski: Banach Spaces ofanalytic functions and absolutely summing
31. Ronal d R . Coifman an d Guid o Weiss: Transference methods in anälysis
32. Wol f gan g M. Schmidt: Small fractional parts of polynomials
33. Georg e Glauberman: Factorizations in local subgroups offinite groups
34. Loui s Auslander: Lecture notes on nil-theta functions
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