Expository Lectures
from th e CBMS Regional Conference
held at Cleveland State University
June 5-10,1977
AMS (MOS) subject classifications (1970). Frimar y 14-XX, 22-XX, 33-XX, 42-XX
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Auslander, Louis.
Lecture notes on nil-theta functions.
(Regional Conference series in mathematics ; no. 3*0
"Expository lectures from the CBMS regional Confer-
ence held at Cleveland State »University, June 5-10,
Bibliography: p.
1. Functions, Theia. 2. Lie groups. 3. Fourier
analysis. I. Title. II. Series.
QA1.R33 no. 3^ [QA3^5]
[515'o98U] 77-161*71
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