Expository Lecture s from th e CBM S Regional Conferenc e held a t Norther n Illinoi s Universit y July 25-29 , 197 7 AMS (MOS) subject classification s (1970) . Primar y 14-02 Secondary 13-02 . Library of Congres s Cataloging in Publication Data Nagata, Masayoshi, 1927— Polynomial ring s and affln e spaces . (Regional conferenc e serie s in mathematics no. 37) "Expository lecture s fro m th e CBM S Regional Conferenc e hel d a t Norther n Illinois University , July 25-29 , 1977. " Includes bibliographical references . 1. Polynomia l rings—Addresses , essays, lectures. 2 . Geometry , Affine Addresses, essays, lectures. I. Title . II . Series . QA1.R33 no . 37 [QA251.3 ] 510'.8 s [512'.4 ] 78-826 4 ISBN 0-8218-1687- X AMS On Demand ISBN 0-8218-3882-2 Copyright © 197 8 b y th e America n Mathematica l Societ y Printed in th e Unite d State s o f Americ a All rights reserved except those granted to the United States Government This boo k ma y no t b e reproduce d i n an y for m withou t permissio n o f th e publishers .
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