14 J. MAWHI N linear mappings , Kp Q N i s continuous. Simila r argument s sho w that Q T N i s continuou s on X s o that N i s /^-completely continuous . Similar considerations hold i n th e cas e of th e alternat e approac h fo r homogeneou s boundary conditions . 5. Historica l and bibliographical notes. Fredhol m mapping s ar e named afte r Fred - holm's pioneering work o n linear integral equation s [72] . On e shoul d notice tha t th e termi - nology fo r Fredhol m mapping s is not definitivel y fixed an d that som e regularity assumption s are sometimes added fo r L. Fo r more details , one ca n refe r t o th e paper s by Gohber g and Krein [85 ] an d Krachkovski i an d Dikanski i [122] , as well as to the book by Schechter [228] . For the concept o f generalize d invers e of a linear mapping , see Nashed [190] . Linea r two- point boundar y valu e problems for linea r ordinar y differentia l equation s ar e treated in detai l in the book s o f Hartma n [100] , Cole [47 ] an d Rei d [216] . Fo r th e cas e of genera l bound - ary conditions , see the surve y paper s of Cont i [48 ] an d Kral l [123 ] an d thei r references . linear boundar y valu e problem s fo r linea r retarde d functiona l differentia l equation s wer e first considered b y Halana y [94 ] an d subsequen t generalization s have been given by Antone - vich and Ryvki n [9] , Azbelev [15] , Cooke [49] , Hale [97] -[98], Henry [102] , Hughe s [110], Kamen [113] , Maksimov [160] , Mukhamadiev an d Sadovski i [183] , Nosov [193] - [195], Wexle r [263 ] an d others . Se e the corresponding chapte r i n th e book o f Hale [99] . The concep t o f L-compactness has been introduced b y Mawhin [169] see also Gaines- Mawhin [84] .
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