Introduction 1
Suggestions for th e reade r 5
Chapter I . Fredhol m mapping s of index zero and linear boundar y valu e problems 6
Chapter II . Degre e theory fo r som e classes of mappings 15
Chapter HI . Dualit y theorem s for severa l fixed point operator s associate d to periodi c
problems for ordinar y differentia l equation s 3
Chapter IV . Existenc e theorems for equation s in normed space s 4 2
Chapter V. Boundar y valu e problems fo r secon d orde r nonlinea r vecto r differentia l
equations 5
Chapter VI . Periodi c solutions o f ordinar y differentia l equation s with one-side d
growth restriction s 6 3
Chapter VII. Boun d set s for functiona l differentia l equation s 7 4
Chapter VIII. Th e index o f isolated zero s of som e mappings 8 3
Chapter IX . Bifurcatio n theor y 9
Chapter X . Periodi c solutions of autonomous ordinar y differentia l equation s aroun d
an equilibrium 9 9
References 109
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