Expository Lecture s
from th e CBM S Regional Conferenc e
held a t Eas t Carolin a Universit y
March 5-9 , 1979
1980 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primary 22E45,43A90, 33A75; Secondary 20H10,
22C05, 22D10, 22D30, 22E60, 43A85, 46J05, 33A45.
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Dieudonne, Jean Alexandre , 1906-
Special function s an d linea r representation s o f Li e groups.
(Regional conferenc e serie s in mathematics ; no. 42)
"Expository lecture s fro m th e CBM S regional conferenc e hel d a t Eas t Carolin a
University, March 5-9 , 1979."
Bibliography: p .
1. Li e groups. 2 . Functions , Special . 3 . Representation s o f groups . I. Confer -
ence Boar d o f th e Mathematica l Sciences . II. Title . III. Series .
QA1.R33 no . 42 [QA387 ] 510'.8s [512'.55]
ISBN 0-8218-1692-6 79-22180
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