Expository Lecture s
from th e CBMS Regional Conferenc e
held at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Universit y
October 8-12,1977
1980 Mathematics Subject Classifications. Primar y 55A05,
55A10, 55A25, 55D10, 55E05, 57A10.
Key words and phrases . 3-manifold , fundamenta l group , Loop Theorem , Sphere Theorem ,
connected sums , sufficiently-large, hierarchies , Seifert fibered, periphera l structure , annulu s
theorem, torus theorem , homotopy equivalences .
Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data
Jaco, William, 1940-
Lectures o n three-manifol d topology .
(Regional conferenc e serie s in mathematics; no. 43)
"Expository lecture s fro m th e CBM S regional conferenc e hel d a t th e Virginia Polytech -
nic Institute an d Stat e University, October 8-12, 1977."
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1. Three-manifold s (Topology ) I . Conference Boar d o f th e Mathematica l Sciences .
II. Title. III . Series.
QALR33 no . 43 [QA613.2] 510s [514\223] 79-2848 8 ISB N 0-8218-16934
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