2 P. A. GRIFFITH S with application s t o th e singularitie s o f W d an d th e Kleiman-Lakso v existenc e proof , (c ) the reappearance o f the /i 0 -mapping, and (d ) special linear system s in low genus. It i s my pleasur e to than k Hars h Pittie and Ro y Smit h who propose d an d organize d th e Athens Conference , m y colleague s Enric o Arbareilo , Maurizio Cornalba, and Jo e Harri s wit h whom I enjoyed workin g on th e subject , an d finall y I should lik e to personall y acknowledg e a specia l deb t t o th e paper s [7 ] b y Kleiman-Lakso v an d [8 ] b y Kleiman . Finally, our genera l reference fo r notation s an d terminolog y togethe r wit h proof s o f the basi c fact s abou t curve s is Chapter 2 of [5] .
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