Other Monograph s i n thi s Serie s
No. 1. Irvin g Kaplansky ; Algebraic and analytic aspects of operator algebras.
2. Gilber t Baumslag ; Lecture notes on nilpotent groups.
3- Lawrenc e Markus ; Lectures in differentiable dynamics,
A, H . S . M . Coxeter : Twisted honeycombs.
6. Walte r Rudin ; Lectures on the edge-of-the-wedge theorem,
7. Yoz o Matsushima : Holomorphic vector fields on compact Kahler manifolds.
International Standar d Boo k Numbe r 0-8218=1654=3
Library o f Congres s Catalo g Car d Numbe r 79=145639
AMS 1970 Subjec t Classifications : 55-02 ; 55B15, 55B20 ,
55B40, 55B45 , 55C05 , 55D10, 55D40 , 55D45 , 55D50 , 55F45 , 55F50 , 55G10,
55G20, 55G25,55H15, 55H25 , 55J10 , 55J20 , 55J30 , 57B10.
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