I tak e thi s opportunit y t o expres s m y dee p gratitud e t o th e Mathematic s
Department of Arizona State University for the warm hospitality the faculty and
staff extende d t o m e durin g th e Sprin g ter m o f 1984 whil e I wa s a Visitin g
Professor i n th e department . The man y mathematica l conversation s tha t I ha d
with my friends Constanti n Apostol, Domingo Herrero, John Quigg, and Dere k
Westwood were particularly pleasant. Special thanks go to the Chairman, Joaquin
Bustoz, who was very helpful throughout my stay, and who, in particular, made it
possible for m e to have the time to work. Special thanks go also to Erna Penta,
Mary Rose , an d Marlen e Salvato , who type d thi s entir e manuscript accuratel y
and cheerfully , an d t o Cind y Ryan , whos e administrativ e abilit y contribute d
much to the success of th e conference. "Ustedes son mis amigos para siempre."
Tempe, Arizona Carl Pearcy
May 15, 1984
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