Preface .i x
Acknowledgement x i
I. Dua l Algebras 1
II. Simultaneou s Systems of Equation s in the Predual
of a Dual Algebra . 7
III. Th e Properties XBy an d the Properties (An) 2 1
IV. Singl y Generated Dual Algebras 3 3
V. Dilatio n Theory of the Class A
4 3
VI. Sufficien t Condition s for Membership in A
5 3
VII. Wea k Density and Membership in A
6 5
VIII. Th e Classes (BCP)* and the Functional Model of
a Contraction .7 5
IX. Invarian t Subspaces and Reflexivity 8 9
X. Application s to Shifts and Subnormal Operators 101
References 107
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