VI PREFACE lectures—I wa s less inhibited about using ideas from differentia l equations . The books [Au4, GT], and the appendix to [Be2] may help fill this gap. I will be pleased if these lectures make the problems and ideas discussed more accessible to nonexperts. It is a pleasure to thank Craig Evans and Neil Trudinger for generously sharing their idea s on th e boundary regularit y in the last section , and t o Luis Caffarell i for the use of his contributions in that same section. I also benefited fro m Denni s DeTurck's many suggestions for improvements. Many people helped make this conference enjoyable and rewarding to me. The main organizationa l detail s wer e superbl y execute d b y Edwar d Miller , Rober t Sibner, and especially Lesley Sibner. I am grateful to them. Finally, I would like to thank Frank Warner for getting me interested in these problems fifteen year s ago.
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