NOTATION GUID E /4Q(W) Th e spectral radius of W w.r.t . the set 11 1 Chapter 11 (OPT) Fin d MfeAN snp e T(el0, f(el0)), wher e 12 1 F(e*0, z) is a nonnegative-valued functio n of e^andsGC" . K(A) Th e condition number 12 3 sup^inffl | J2j a ohj: ^ BA ^ wno ]C a jA? ^ 0 } where Aw = set of N-vector valued functions analyti c an d continuous on the disk BA N = {h e A N : Z 3 IM 2 l} i a n d ai(c^) = (ar/^)(6^,/ 0 (c»ff)). Throughout B i s a prefix whic h stands for open unit ball , e.g., BL 2 = { / G £ 2 II/IIL 2 !} Fo r th e close d uni t bal l we use B. Als o L P N ,HV N sometimes denotes a functio n spac e o n th e circl e an d sometime s a functio n spac e o n tn e imaginary axis. Ther e should be little trouble in telling which usage is intended in any particular context. Afte r Chapte r 2 the circle is used almost exclusively.
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