Expository Lecture s
from th e CBMS Regional Conferenc e
held a t Lincoln , Nebrask a
August 1985
Research supporte d i n par t b y Nationa l Scienc e Foundatio n Gran t DMS-83 -
01394 and Offic e o f Nava l Researc h N00014-85-K-0070.
1980 Mathematics Subject Classifications (1985 Revision). Primar y 47-01, 46-01,
93-XX, 22-XX , 30-XX , 42-XX, 49-XX .
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Dat a
Helton, J. William, 1944-
Operator theory , analyti c functions, matrices , and electrica l engineering .
(Regional conferenc e serie s in mathematics, ISS N 0160-7642; no. 68 )
Bibliography; p .
1. Functional analysis . 2 . Operator theory . 3 . Matrices. I . Conferenc e
Board of the Mathematica l Sciences . II . Title. III . Series.
QA1.R33 no . 68 [QA321] 510 s [515.7] 87-1192
ISBN 0-8218-0718-8
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