These note s expan d te n lecture s give n a t a regiona l conferenc e i n Lincoln ,
Nebraska. Th e objective is to describe the idea behind a broad variety of topics
in a brief volume. Th e conference assemble d a wide variety o f scientists: pur e
mathematicians o n one hand an d engineer s on the other. Consequentl y on e of
the constraints o n thes e note s wa s tha t the y stak e ou t a middl e groun d an d
make th e extreme s accessibl e t o mos t conferenc e participants . However , thes e
extremes provide d a distinctiv e flavor which i s missin g fro m thes e notes . I n
particular talk s by other participants gav e substantial practic e i n applying th e
results of Chapter 5 and Chapter 8 to control problems.
This volume splits into four parts which are nearly independent. A n approxi-
mate description of what you must have read in order to read a particular chapter
Part I
Part I
(proofs use 5)
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