Lectures given at DePaul University ,
Chicago, Illinois, July 14-18, 1986
Supported by the Conference Boar d
of the Mathematical Science s
Research supporte d by National Scienc e Foundation Gran t DMS-8602950 .
1980 Mathematics Subject Classifications (1985 Revision). 60G44 , 26D15
26B15, 44A15, 47D05, 60J05, 60J25.
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Some topics in probability an d analysis / Richar d F . Gundy,
p. cm. —(Conference Boar d of the Mathematical Science s
Regional conference serie s in mathematics; no. 70.)
Bibliography: p .
ISBN 0-8218-0721-8 (alk . paper)
1. Inequalities (Mathematics ) 2 . Harmonic functions. I . Series: Regiona l
conference serie s in mathematics; no. 70.
QA1.R33 no . 70 [Q A 295] 510 s—dcl9 [512.9'7] 89-30 3 CIP
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