Expository Lecture s from th e CBMS Regional Conferenc e held at Auburn Universit y July 3-7 , 198 9 This researc h wa s partially supporte d b y Nationa l Scienc e Foundatio n Postdoctoral Fellowshi p DMS-8705935 (Frazier) , National Scienc e Founda - tion Grant DMS-8803585, AFO SR 89-0455, ONR N00014-90-J-1343 (Jaw - erth), and National Scienc e Foundation Gran t DMS-57974 (Weiss) . 1991 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primary 42B25, 42C15. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Dat a Frazier, Michael, 1956 - Littlewood-Paley theor y and the study of function space s / by Michael Frazier, Bjor n Jawerth, and Guido Weiss. p. cm. —(Conference Boar d of the Mathematical Science s regional conference serie s in mathematics, 0160-7642 79) "Based on lectures given in July of 198 9 at a regional conference i n Auburn University"-Pref . Includes bibliographical references . ISBN 0-8218-0731-5 (alk . paper) 1. Fourier analysis—Congresses . 2 . Function spaces—Congresses . I. Jawerth, Bjorn, 1952 - . II . Weiss, Guido L. , 1928 - . III . Series: Regional conference serie s in mathematics no. 79. QA403.5.F73 199 1 91-1123 0 515'.2433—dc20 C1 P Copying an d reprinting . Individua l reader s o f thi s publication , an d nonprofi t librarie s acting for them , ar e permitted t o make fai r us e of th e material, suc h as to cop y an articl e fo r use in teaching or research. Permissio n i s granted to quote brief passage s from thi s publicatio n in reviews, provided the customary acknowledgment o f the source is given. Republication, systemati c copying, o r multiple reproductio n o f any materia l i n thi s pub- lication (includin g abstracts) i s permitted onl y under license from th e American Mathematica l Society. Request s for such permission should be addressed to the Manager of Editorial Services, American Mathematica l Society , P.O. Box 6248, Providence, Rhode Island 02940-6248. The owner consents to copying beyond that permitted by Sections 10 7 or 10 8 of the U.S. Copyright Law, provided that a fee of $1.00 plus $.25 per page for each copy be paid directly to the Copyright Clearanc e Center , Inc. , 27 Congress Street, Salem , Massachusett s 01970 . Whe n paying this fee please use the code 0160-7642/91 to refer to this publication. Thi s consent does not extend to other kinds of copying, such as copying for general distribution, for advertising or promotional purposes , for creating new collective works, or for resale. Copyright ©199 1 b y the American Mathematica l Society . Al l rights reserved. Printed i n the United State s of America The American Mathematica l Societ y retains all rights except those granted to the United State s Government . The paper used in this book is acid-free an d falls within the guidelines established to ensure permanence and durability. © This publication was typeset using 4.MS-TEX , the American Mathematica l Society' s TgX macro system. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 0 1 00 99 98 97
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