Expository Lecture s from th e CBM S Regiona l Conferenc e held a t Virgini a Polytechni c Institute , July, 197 0 International Standar d Boo k Numbe r 0-8218-1657- 0 Library o f Congres s Catalo g Numbe r 70-15250 4 AMS 197 0 Subjec t Classifications : 18G05 , 18G10 , 18G15 , 18G35 , 18G4 0 Key Word s an d Phrases : modules , chain-complexes , resolutions , derived functors , Ext . Tor , exac t couples , spectra l sequences , Grothendieck spectra l sequenc e Copyright © 1971 b y the America n Mathematical Societ y Printed i n the Unite d State s o f Americ a All rights reserved except those granted to the United States Government. May not be repreoduced in any form without permission of the publishers.
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