XIV PREFACE the Supportin g Lecturers : Miria m Cohen , Yuki o Doi , Warren Nichols , Bodo Pareigis, Donald Passman , David Radford, Hans-Jiirge n Schneider , Earl Taft , and Mitsuhir o Takeuchi . Man y o f thei r lecture s ar e bein g collecte d an d wil l appear i n th e volum e [Be M 93]. In writin g th e notes , m y deepes t gratitud e goe s t o Mari a Lorenz , whos e careful readin g o f the entire manuscript wa s invaluable, and t o Hans Schnei - der, who provided man y historical references a s well as simplifying a numbe r of proofs i n th e literature . I also want t o thank Bil l Chin, David a Fischman , and Bod o Pareigis for thei r comments, Robert Blattne r fo r makin g availabl e to m e his cours e note s fro m UCL A an d fo r man y conversation s abou t Hop f algebras ove r th e years , an d th e student s i n m y tw o classe s a t US C whos e questions o n earlie r version s o f thes e note s wer e particlarl y helpful : loan a Boca, Pau l Glezen , Michae l Jochner , Hori a Pop , an d Yega n Satik . Finally , thanks t o Lesle y Newto n fo r typin g the manuscript . Susan Montgomer y Los Angeles , June 199 3
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