xii PREFAC E Even durin g th e conference , th e cross-fertilizatio n pai d dividends : Beck , afte r hearing Saffari's talk , realize d that h e had tool s at hi s disposal tha t enable d hi m to contribut e t o a n ol d proble m concernin g trigonometri c polynomial s (se e th e commentary o n Proble m 55 . o n p. 206) . The conference wa s enhanced b y several socia l events, including a n invigorat - ing excursio n t o th e Konz a Prairie . O n behal f o f th e 8 8 participants , i t i s m y pleasure t o than k th e organizer s fo r thei r fin e work , an d th e mathematician s a t KSU fo r thei r hospitality . Most of the material in this volume is found i n the research literature, and does not originat e fro m th e presen t author . Origina l result s publishe d her e fo r th e first tim e were obtained wit h the support fro m th e National Scienc e Foundation , particularly NS F Gran t DMS-9107605 . The autho r sough t an d receive d assistanc e concernin g th e content s o f thi s volume from man y associates. Fo r their suggestions , large or small, the author i s indebted t o them all , most especiall y to R. C . Baker, P . T. Bateman , J . Beck , J . Bourgain, P . Bundschuh, T . Cochrane , J . B . Conrey, R. Cook , R . E . Dressier , P . Enflo, J . B. Friedlander, S . W. Graham , G . Halasz, P. R. Halmos, G. Harman, H . Iwaniec, T . W. Korner , R . Lyons , M. Mendes-France, R . Nair , A . D. Pollington , J. B . Rauch , I . Z . Ruzsa , B . SafTari , J . W . Sander , A . Schinzel , J.-P . Serre , G . Tenenbaum, R . C . Vaughan, E . Wirsing , an d T . D . Wooley . Hugh L . Montgomer y Ann Arbo r 13 May, 199 4
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