Chapter XX L Generalize d Tat e cohomolog y
by J. P . C . Greenlee s an d J . P . Ma y
Chapter XXII . Twisted half-smas h product s an d functio n spectr a
by M . Cole
Chapter XXIV . Brave new equivariant foundation s
by A. D. Elmendorf, L . G . Lewi s Jr. , an d J . P . Ma y
Chapter XXV . Brave new equivariant algebr a
by J. P . C . Greenlee s an d J . P . Ma y
Chapter XXVI . Localization an d completio n i n comple x cobordis m
by J . P . C. Greenlee s an d J . P . Ma y
Chapter XXVT L Loffler's completio n theorem i n complex cobordis m
by G. Comezan a an d J . P . Ma y
Chapter XXVIII . Som e calculations i n comple x equivariant bordis m
by G . Comezan a
My deepes t thank s t o thes e peopl e an d t o Stefa n Jackowsk i an d Chun-Ni p
Lee, wh o also gave talks; their topic s were the subject s o f their recen t excellen t
survey paper s [112 ] an d [130] an d wer e therefor e no t writte n u p fo r inclusio n
here. I would als o like to than k Ji m McClure , whos e many insight s i n this are a
are reflecte d throughou t th e book , an d Igo r Kriz , whos e collaboratio n ove r th e
last si x years ha s greatl y influence d th e mor e recent material .
My thank s to o t o al l o f th e other s wh o attende d th e Alask a conferenc e an d
helped make the week such a pleasant mathematica l occasion. Thank s also to my
current student s a t Chicag o Mari a Basterra , Mik e Cole , Da n Isaksen , Mik e
Mandell, Ada m Przezdziecki , Laur a Scull , an d Jerom e Wolber t wh o hav e
helped catc h man y sof t spot s o f expositio n an d hav e alread y mad e significan t
contributions t o this genera l are a o f mathematics .
Bob Piacenz a an d hi s companion Lyri c Ozbur n organize d th e Alask a confer -
ence an d mad e i t a memorabl y pleasan t occasio n fo r al l concerned . Thank s t o
their thoughtfu l arrangements , th e intens e al l da y mathematica l activit y too k
place i n a wonderfull y convivia l an d congenia l atmosphere . Sadly , I mus t offe r
Lyric both heartfel t thank s an d heartfel t condolences .
J. Pete r Ma y
February 29 , 1996
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