Conference Boar d of the Mathematica l Science s
Regional Conference Series in Mathematics
Number 9 1
Equivariant Homotopy
and Cohomology Theory
Dedicated to the Memor y
of Robert J. Racenz a
J. P . May
with contribution s b y
M. Cole , G . Comezana , S . Costenoble ,
A. D. Elmendorf, J . P . C. Greenlees ,
L. G. Lewis , Jr., R . J. Piacenza ,
G. Triantaflllou, an d S . Wane r
Published fo r th e
Conference Boar d of the Mathematical Science s
* ^ &
^ s i
by th e
American Mathematical Societ y
Providence, Rhode Islan d
with support from th e
National Scienc e Foundatio n
r V
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