Schedule of Presentations and Speakers
June 30:
8:30 Registration
9:30 Opening remarks: D. Scott, W. Sieg
Mathematical developments (in weak theories)
10:00 S. Feferman, Putting Explicit Mathematics to work
11 :00 A. Nerode, Complexity-theoretic algebra
2:00 S. Simpson, The meta-mathematics of Hilbert's basis theorem
(2) Research Reports
3: 15 A. Woods, A provable pigeon-hole principle
4:30 X. Yu, Radon-Nikodym theorem is equivalent to arithmetic compre-
5:15 J. Hirst, Combinatorics in subsystems of second order arithmetic
July 1:
(3) Weak theories and computational complexity classes
8:30 S. Buss, Weak axioms for arithmetic and connections to computational
10:00 G. Takeuti, Weak consistencies of bounded arithmetic
11 :00 P. C1ote, Recursion theoretic characterization of some complexity classes
( 4) Research Reports
2:00 F. Ferreira, A conservation result over polynomial time arithmetic
2:45 R. Mansfield, Curry-an equational programming language
4:00 H
SS-Distinguished Lecture: S. Feferman, Turing's oracle
July 2:
(S) Transformations of proofs and programs
8:30 D. Leivant, Confined computational models: A bridge between de-
scriptive type theory and computational complexity
10:00 C. Goad, Meta-programming in SIL
11:00 K. McAloon, Logic programming and linear programming
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